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DSL System
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Silverline Metal Engineering Pvt. a major manufacturer, supplier, exporter and trader of DSL System. We have commanded respect from all corners of the world because of the flawless quality and excellent features of our high performance products. Our company has a well developed infrastructure, R&D unit and packaging unit for doing the task.

Having accomplished a strong foothold in the engineering sector we are pioneer in the domain of manufacturing crane components. With strong technical base and army of highly-trained professionals the company has evolved procedures and methodologies to produce zero defect products. It strives to deliver excellent quality to the end customers and indulges in various research and development activities to dole out value for money.

It provides an unparallel range of DSL Systems that comprises several other important items such as V Type shrouded DSL, W Type DSL, Pin Type, Jointless DSL, Angle Iron DSL.


• Starting Length of the bar is 4.5 meters.
• GI available from ranges 60, 100 & 125 Amp.
• Cover is designed to prevent from shed, water & dust.
• Conductors are available from 60 to 2000 Amp.
• Rolled copper sections 160, 250 & 350 Amp
• Touched proof insulated conductors
• No exposed live parts to contact
• Quick and easy installation with single bolt / 4 pole hanger.
• Joint covers are also provided for total protection of the Joint.
• Enclosed wiring for connection of collectors for safe and simple installation.
• No expansion joint up to 150 meters long system.
• V Type conductors are available from 200 to 500 amp
• 4 bolt joint is an additional advantage for all W type DSL System.
• Track in straight & curved configuration is also available as per customer requirement

Copper Type DSL System:

We provide high quality Copper Head DSL busbar systems for EOT cranes, conveyor system, JIB cranes, hoist, material handling equipment system at the most affordable price. We take pride in our speedy and safe delivery. We also offer customization facility to our clients.

Normally in steel industries the shed length is more than 200 to 400 mts or sometimes even more than 400 mts. The voltage drop and watt loss incurred in angle iron DSL system is very high. This makes a continues loss to the industry. It is always economical to use copper head conductor or copper rail conductor DSL System for current rating 600 amps and above . These rails are available for current capacities up to 2000 AMPS.

Features of Copper Head DSL System

• Effortless installation
• Sturdy designs
• Heavy duty applications

Copper Head : Expansion Joint :
Isolation Section : Feeder Clamp :


Box Type DSL system is of premium quality, it is safe and it can easily solve mobile electrification necessities. These busbar systems are very compact and efficient in power distribution.


• Extending an existing line is very easy by just adding new tracks.
• Compact design , Multi conductor, Common housing
• The electric feed can be done at the beginning of the time.
• Degree of protection: IP20 (without rubber sealing) IP23 (with rubber sealing).
• Working temperature from -30 to 55 (degree centigrade).
• It is very easy to change a track already assembled without moving the rest of them.
• WoWorking voltage upto 600V
• It is very easy to change a track already assembled without moving the rest of them
• Easy to install.

 Box Type DSL : Box Type DSL with END Power Feed :
End Cap With Track : End Cap :
End Power Feed : Hanger Clamp :


The Bolted Type DSL system are used for electrically operated equipment and thus are made to be shock and corrosion resistant in order to avoid any accident. It is available in bolted type, so this is used in heavy duty applications.

Specifications of Bolted Type DSL System:

• No exposed live parts shrouded to IP 21
• Shock proof system
• Easy to install
• 4 Bolt joint is standard construction and is more rigid and reliable.
• Low maintenance, anti-corrosive in nature and robust in construction.
• Available in GI, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper.

It is available in :

Profile Sectional
Wt kg/m
60 amp 160 amp 200 amp
100 amp 250 amp 315 amp
125 amp 400 amp -

Bolted type:

• Bolt joint for 1 pole/4 pole.
• 100amp to 125amp Galvanized iron.
• up to 350Amp.
• Bolt type conductor bar length 4.5 met.
• system up to 150 meter without expansion joint.

Aluminium :



Current Collector:


The special quality of our Pin Type DSL system is that, it can withstand extreme temperature and pressure which provides high performance. We also offer customized Pin Type DSL System.

Conductor rails provide a safe and economical supply of electric power for track guided mobile machinery.

Features of PIN Type DSL :

• Single pole individual conductors used for EOT Cranes
• Robust in construction
• Quick and easy installation.
• Horizontal and Vertical Installation
• Pin Joint for proper alignment.
• Pole / Four Pole Hangers
• Finger safe / Touch proof.
• Bay length 4.5 meter length.
• System upto 150 meter without expansion joint.
• Available in GI, Aluminium & Copper

Pin type Available in :

Galvanized Copper
60 amp 160 amp
100 amp 250 amp
125 amp 315 amp



Silverline Metal Engineering Pvt. a premier manufacturer, supplier, exporter, trader of highly durableAngle Iron DSL System. We are based in Maharashtra, India where the system is manufactured by following industry standards and combining latest technology with skills. We have robust infrastructural unit, packaging and R&D unit to provide the best product.

Angel Iron DSL System

Gravity Type current collector

1. Gravity type Current Collector:

Apart from using shrouded bus bar system Steel Industry in India still finds angle iron bus bar system preferable to use for EOT CRANES, TRANSFER CARS, and INGOT CARRIERS where in current collection is done by moving current collectors along stationary electric supply AC or DC. These are easy to install and can withstand harsh working conditions. Most end users prefer this because of its easy in house maintenance possibility.

With this perspective we have come out with manufacturing of all type of accessories required for these bus bar system. We supply ceramic insulators, munks as well as gravity type current collectors suitable for Angle Iron or Rail type Bus bar system. Our range varies from 150 to 1200amps. We supply shoes made of cast iron, cast steel, Brass, Bronze or phosphor bronze.

We can also manufacture and supply current collectors and accessories as per customers design and requirement.

2. Insulator:

We are the leading supplier of Insulators required to be used in angle iron DSL's.

We design and install angle iron DSL system up to 2000 amps. And we use hot moulded fiber reinforced polyester resin based insulator. We also use porcelain based Insulator.

Due to very high mechanical and electrical strength epoxy moulded insulators are extremely popular. Various sizes of insulators are manufactured and supplied by us.

We can also supply insulators used in wire rope trolley system.

Angel Iron DSL System

Porcelain Insulator

Epoxy Insulator

3.Earth Current Collector:

Normally in mobile electrification system (RYBG) green stands for neutral and earth is normally neglected in the system for mobile equipments Silverline has designed earth current collector which can be easily attached to the equipment and can move along with crane or any other equipment to transfer eddy current to the rails and these rails can be firmly grounded to the earthing system.


It is a single pole DSL system. Copper strips of high conductivity are used as conductors for high performance. We recommend this for SME size factories installing smaller capacity cranes requiring not more than 140amps. This system is very easy to install and being joint less has less failure rate. Wear and tear is also less which improves life of current collectors' by atleast 50%. Smooth running of the DSL ensures best performance of control panels with VFD drives.


Features of Joint Less DSL System:

• Quick and easy installation
• No expansion problem
• Indoor and outdoor installation
• Tape form copper conductor

Application of Jointless DSL System :

• JIB Cranes
• EOT Cranes
• Other material handling equipments

Jointless DSL Available in :

• Copper : 40 to 140 amps


This is basically a single pole conductor technique that can effortlessly facilitate 92sq mm - 200sq mm. This system is usually utilized for high current diligence rough treatment. Our quality experts keep a vigilant eye on the manufacture of the DSL system which can withstand up to 80C seamlessly. These find high usages in different industries.

These systems are specially recommended for rough handling and high current applications special high temperature insulation can be given. This can withstand up to 80 degree centigrade.

V type Insulated conductor rails range from 60 to 1000 Amp. These rails are suitable for supplying power for a wide range of applications, e.g., multiple cranes in one bay, heavy capacity cranes, and transport installations with several lifting and conveying devices, amusement rides, Coal/coke pusher cars and many more.


Applications of V Type DSL:

• Multiple cranes in one bay
• Heavy capacity cranes
• Transport installations with several lifting and conveying devices
• Amusement rides
• Coal/coke pusher cars and many more
• Rough handling & high current functioning

Features of V Type DSL :

• Quick and easy installation
• Horizontal and vertical installation
• Insulated conductor bars are touch proof
• No exposed live parts shrouded ip21.
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
• Bolted and pin type available
• Cover is designed to shed from water and dust
• High temperature 90 degree centigrade

V Type Available in

• 500 amp
• 800 amp
• 1000 amp
• 1250 amp
• 2000 amp

DSL lamp indicator:

In DSL Bus Bar System to protect crane from single phasing we have come out with phase indicator system. We have used best quality L.E.D.Lamps with proper heat sink to obtain long life from the indicator the body of the indicator is powder coated this system are supplied with long wire which can be directly connected to bus bar or panel board of crane this indicator can also been used in factories or on machine to show phase failure.

In DSL Bus Bar System to protect crane from single phasing we have come out with phase indicator system. We have used best quality L.E.D.Lamps with proper heat sink to obtain long life from the indicator the body of the indicator is powder coated this system are supplied with long wire which can be directly connected to bus bar or panel board of crane this indicator can also been used in factories or on machine to show phase failure.

Specifications of dsl indicator lamp:

• Light Source: Light Emitting Diode LED's
• Indication color: RED/YELLOW/BLUE
• Color Rendering Index: 100
• Luminous: Each LED 8000 to 10000 mcd
• LED Size: 5mm Round Axial
• No. of Led's per indicator: 3 Nos.
• Working Voltage & Current: 250V AC & 350mA
• Max input Power: 2 W to 3W of Each Indicator
• Input Volts: 85V to 265V of each phase @ 50C/s
• Type of power supply: CCD switch mode power supply
• Life expectancy: 30000 burning hours at 90 deg. C
• Operating temperature: 45 degree
• Indication Light Assembly: 440mm x 40mm x 200mm L x H x W Powder Coated Metal Cabinet.