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Since the inception of the company, "Total Quality Management" has been the Numero Uno Priority. This has been followed right from installing the most modern machinery and equipments to maintaining the impeccable quality control method in manufacturing. The company has highly sophisticated state of the art plants at Mumbai, Thane, Aurangabad and Dubai. Experienced and qualified team of engineers staffs these plants. All the stages of manufacturing fabrication & assembly are meticulously planned & vigilantly monitored

Silverline Mumbai Unit Manufactures and exports 95% of its production of crane component such as, DSL System, Shrouded Bus Bar Conductor System, Mobile Electrification System, Current Collectors, I Beam Trolley, Rail Clamps, End Carriage & Crane Wheel Assembly. We also manufacture sheet metal components; sheet metal fabricated parts, tools, dies & machined components. Silverline also does marketing of flat cables, Silverline also does marketing of flat cables, Radio remote control, Limit Switches & thrusters break.

Silverline Aurangabad Unit Manufactures Crane Components, Festoon Systems, And Trolleys For Flat Cables/Trolleys For Round Cables, Overload Safety Switch, Control Panels. This Unit Also Manufactures Wire on Tube Condensers, And Other White Goods Parts, Supplying All Over India and Abroad.

Silverline Thane Unit manufactures CNC Machined components and high precision parts required for engineering industry and supplies all over India.

Silverline UAE Unit manufactures EOT Cranes, JIB cranes and Fabricated Items & Builds Industrial shades on turnkey basis.

Silverline has strong business relations with original equipment manufacturers, who form the very base of our economy. The company encompasses crane manufacturers, windmills, machinery manufacturers, filtration equipment, and other engineering Industries.

         Our Vision:

•  20 Years from now Silverline Metal Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Will be well known for its worlds class product and will be best compared to its counterparts.

•  We will have our own manufacturing facilities in all leading countries doing business. All the manufacturing units will be eco-friendly and will have desired, comfortable work spaces for employees.

•  Silverline will became a public limited company and its share will traded in Bombay stock exchange and new York stock exchange.

•  Silverline will declare bonus share every alternate year.

•  We will have our headquarters and corporate office in one of the prime real estates in Mumbai.

•  We will have employed cream layers of students from all major universities and best local talent in Silverline.

•  Silverline will be known as “Great Place to work” and every professional will be proud to join us. The employees will have an opportunity to grow, develop, free to execute their ideas and thus will help to convert the aspirations of our employees into reality.

•  We will have cream layers of students from all major universities and best local talents employed.

•  Community payback is our major goal along with organizational growth. To fulfil this goal, we will have schools built for children in remote places of India.

•  All important publications will take note of Silverline’ s growth. It will be treated as a case study in business management schools.

•  We will strive to be a cash rich company with marginal borrowing.

•  must have patented at least 10 products by 2033 and achieved rewards and recognition in our area of work

•  We will diversify our products and services and continue to expand world wide.

Having done all the above “Silverline” will be a brand name known to every individual in the world.


•  I firmly believe in building a business on sustainable ideas and not flow with the competition and never play safe. Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

•  Thing Big and Dare -I dare to the unexpected even if it means friction from some ends. Step out of comfort zone and dare to be different is my motto.

•  Be Curious -Curiosity is the mother of all invention. Learn each day from your peers and from your employees. Keep an open mind and cater to curiosity of everyone around you. This opens a new avenues to innovation.

•  Team Spirit -Build high team spirit and high camaraderie and provide a positive and productive work environment at silverline.